Youtube vs Vimeo for Professional Video

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Which video hosting service is better? That’s a question with a lot of variables. More now than ever before with continually growing features on both websites. The more specific question I’ll set out to answer today is, “which service is better for professional video?”

Pick The Right Tool For The Job

The short answer is it’s all about what you’re trying to achieve with your video. For instance, if you want to get attention from other creatives by posting your demo reel online, choose Vimeo. Not only does Vimeo not peddle ads absolutely everywhere, but there are hundreds of “groups” full of creative professionals that you can submit your video to, especially if you’re looking for creative criticism. Besides, why go with a host with ads, trying to sell everything under the sun when all you really care about selling is yourself?
Youtube on the other hand would get your demo reel attention, sure – but by people who are not necessarily professionals and who will be more likely to ask how you made your reel, not provide constructive criticism.
On the flip side of things, if all you want to do is get your video attention, Youtube has by far the largest audience of any video hosting platform on the web. Their integration with Google search makes it even easier for people to find your video online, especially when you add a proper title and keywords. And with monetization, you can actually generate income with your web show, tutorial, video blog or whatever it is you’re distributing.
So to wrap up, Vimeo is better for professionals because it has a cleaner, ad free layout, customization for their embedded players, a larger user base of creative professionals, and even password protection for your private videos.
Youtube, on the other hand is better if you want to simply distribute your video and get as much attention as possible and possibly monetize your content.
There are a lot Youtube and Vimeo features I didn’t touch on here, such as analytics and premium services but if you are a freelancer or production company looking to host content for your website, definitely check out Vimeo Plus and Pro. While they aren’t free services, they are great options if you’re looking for a professional solution for your video hosting needs. Choose the Vimeo membership that’s right for you.


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