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Whenever I’m in the edit bay, I’m trying to tell a story accurately and in a way that’s easy to understand first and foremost. Sometimes, though, things can get pretty boring visually in the process. That’s when I turn to Rampant Design Tools’ library of stock effects for some added pizzaz.
Rampant has been around for a few years now and is headed up by Emmy® Award winning VFX artist Sean Mullen. Sean has had credits in over 60 feature film and television productions including Charmed, NCIS and Lake Placid, so he definitely knows what he’s doing. He works with a talented bunch of award winning professionals to create ground breaking effects for animators, artists and editors. Rampant’s work has been used across nearly all of the major networks including Discovery Channel, TLC, MTV, ABC, NBC, FOX, ESPN and the list goes on.
One of the big draws about Rampant Design Tools’ products is that they are totally customizable, drag and drop effects delivered in a quicktime format. This means they’re incredibly easy to use in any NLE.
For example, say I want to add a realistic film effect to my footage. I would grab a clip I like from the FilmFX or FilmFX 2 library, add it above my video layer, change the blend mode and viola. Normally to create something like this on my own would be extremely time consuming but Rampant makes it easy to visually spice up my projects.
Another important thing to note is that a lot of Rampant’s stock effects are delivered at a whopping 4K. So if you’re like me and never work in anything over 1920×1080, you can move the element around and get the exact look that you want.
Without further ado, head on over to Rampant Design Tools and take a look at their growing library of 40+ products. Each product is available via direct download or on disc (which is nice if you don’t have much hard drive space to spare). They have everything from animated grunge effects, to light leaks, transitions, music scores, after effects templates and more.
And one last thing: be sure to check out the promo and tutorial I did for Rampant Design Tools also on my youtube channel.


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