Canon DSLRs: Movie Recording Has Stopped Automatically

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The dreaded “Movie Recording Has Stopped Automatically” message. This has been a huge problem amongst Canon DSLR users who shoot video.
The scenario goes something like this: you’re in the middle of a beautiful jib shot and your talent is delivering their lines perfectly. Then all of the sudden, a little progress bar pops up on screen, fills up and you get the message of death. You missed the perfect shot.
So why on earth does this happen? The answer is two fold. It may be more one than the other, but these both apply:
1. You did not format your card in-camera.
2. Your card’s write speed is not keeping up with the camera.
No. 1 is solved rather easily. Before your shoot, simply go through your cards and format them in-camera in preparation for the shoot. This is something you should probably be doing anyway – making sure your last shoot is properly backed up and formatting cards to save you time on location. No. 1 generally happens when you’ve just opened up a shiny new card, pop it in, and try to record. No dice. The other scenario is when you have a card shared by multiple cameras. You’ll need to format the card in whatever camera you plan on using before trying to record.
So you’ve taken care of No. 1 – Now how do you know if your card is writing fast enough? It is generally recommended that your cards have a read/write speed of 45Mb/s. You can probably get away with a little slower card, but I wouldn’t chance it. Don’t just look for Class 10 cards, either. Class 10, depending on the brand and model of card itself could be any number of R/W speeds.
In Conclusion
1. Always format your cards before you start shooting in the camera you plan on shooting with.
2. Don’t just buy a Class 10 card. Make sure it has a fast R/W speed. Anything around 45Mb/s is generally a safe way to go.


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